Beautiful Buddha Painting In Fengshui

Buddha paintings have an auspicious significance in Fengshui. Buddha painting ensures physical
 as well as spiritual well being of a person. It brings luck and prosperity as well as happiness, peace
and contentment in your life . So, it ultimately creates a harmony and balance in your life.
Placing a Buddha FengShui Painting in your office can greatly reduce stress and induce a more
relaxed mind set, helping you tackle problems without stress.

Where to place Buddha Painting At Office :
•Place the Buddha painting above your workplace or study table for mental clarity and focus.
•Hanging the Buddha Painting above the reception desk brings prosperity into your business
•Placing the Feng Shui Buddha opposite the main front door of office brings positive energy (Chi )energy into your office.
Where to place Buddha Painting At Home :
You can place Buddha Painting anywhere in your home but living room is the best location for the Feng Shui Buddha Painting. Place the Buddha facing towards the front door to energize the Chi entering the home.
You can also place Buddha Painting in your meditation room or area to help you concentrate and focus.
Do’s and Don’t :
As per Fengshui, you can hang Buddha Painting on any wall of your office or home. The only thing to keep in mind is that it should be at high level to show respect to the deity as well as to produce desired effect.
You should always avoid placing a Buddha FengShui Painting at a low level of the structure such as a basement or floor This reduces the Buddha’s ability to produce the desired effects on the surroundings
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