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Portrait Painting as Perfect Gift

Portrait Painting - Finding a perfect gift for the loved ones is always a challenge. The challenge gets harder when you want to gift something unique, personal and emotional. There is a perfect solution to this problem- Gifting oil Portrait Painting. Portrait Paintings can be gifted on any occasion – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine Day, House-Warming, festivals etc and that too with a variation every time , as portrait painting is available in various sizes and colors...

Power of Flower Paintings

Power of Flower Paintings 

Most of us love flowers and each one of us have his/ her own favorite but the sad part is we cannot have them all through the year to enhance the beauty of our room. Flower Paintings are the best way to capture this most beautiful aspect of nature in a frame forever. Floral Paintings have always been the integral part of interior décor as they give a natural and aesthetic value to our walls. With their varied range of colors and shapes, flowers can give a different look to each and every wall of your home.

Buddha Painting in Feng Shui

Buddha paintings have an auspicious significance in Feng Shui. Buddha painting ensures physical

 as well as spiritual well being of a person. It brings luck and prosperity as well as happiness, peace

and contentment in your life . So, it ultimately creates a harmony and balance in your life.

Placing a Buddha Feng Shui Painting in your office can greatly reduce stress and induce a more

relaxed mind set, helping you tackle problems without stress.

Fengshui Paintings In Your Office

Whether you work at home, at a big office or at a small cubicle in your office – the vibes around your workspace influence your passion, creativity, success and growth. Everything in our universe has power to influence the surrounding. In the same way, everything that surrounds you at your workplace has power to influence your life energy. Then why not channelize these energies for your best? And the best and easiest way to do that is hanging FengShui Paintings in your office. Paintings are not just for decorating your walls but also your life and Fengshui Paintings do exactly the same by attracting positive energy ‘Chi’ in your life. FengShui paintings bring prosperity, success, wealth and good luck in your life…

How Can A Waterfall Painting Change The Vaastu Of Your Home/Office ?

How Can A Waterfall Painting Change The Vaastu Of Your Home/Office ?

Most of us have a waterfall painting in our homes and the only reason we buy it is that waterfall

has a cooling effect on our eyes but do you know how a waterfall painting can change the

vaastu of your home or office?........

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