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About Us

2018-2019 provide Vaastu painting and Feng Shui Eight Horse painting services at across the India with across the India is an online digital portrait painting studio. We transform  photographs into beautiful paintings. It is all about depicting people and the magical moments of their life in beautiful paintings which they can cherish for life. provides the customer an unbelievable, first of its kind of digital painting solution to create stunning visual effects on your walls. You can give a very emotional touch to the ambience by having your child’s(children’s) photographs in the Kids room, couple’s photographs in the bed room & family photographs in the living room.

Our digital paintings are made with lot of focus, creativity, and many hours of hard work. We work hour by hour, stroke by stroke, to create high quality, hand painted, digital artwork. Every stroke you see in your painting is carefully done by professional artist to bring the highest quality in digital art. We love to play with colours & strokes to give visually appealing digital paintings, making our client’s home look beautiful. Digital paintings are a great way to individualize each room and bring personal touches to the space. It does not only create beautiful ambience but also a feeling of togetherness & bonding. All you need to do is send us a photograph which you want to transform into a painting & we will convert it into a beautiful piece of art.

It’s an ideal gift for any occasions like birthday, marriage, anniversary, valentine day, mother’s day etc or memories of your holidays.

At ,other than digital portrait painting, we offer a wide range of collection in different categories to enhance your home décor. You can buy paintings on Vaastu, FengShui , Vedic Yantra , God, Quotes, Abstract Paintings, Modern Art Paintings, Buddha Paintings, , Nature and Landscape Paintings, Flower Paintings, Horses Paintings, Wildlife Paintings, Radha Krishna Paintings, Ganesha Paintings